Building Better Fathers

Fathers Together - Growing Resilient Kids

The effects of father involvement are well documented to support a positive influence on social interactions, behavioural and academic outcomes (Allen et al).  Do you know a Father who wants to help their child or children’s social skills, grades and health?

If so, Building Better Fathers is a workshop where fathers come together as mates and look at what it means to face, and successfully challenge the many issues that come up for them.

“Building better fathers allowed me this privilege. It allowed me to be a struggling father without the judgement, shame or stigma attached” – Father from a BBF course.

Topics that are covered include:

  •   Ways to offer emotions with our kids

  •   Create a support network of other Fathers

  •   Establish and maintain healthy boundaries

  •   Dealing with unpleasant behaviour

  •   Encourage good behaviour in our kids

  •   Share and learn from other Dads

  •   How to apply the oxygen mask rule

  •   Powerful parenting tools

  •   Juggling fatherhood: nuclear, separated or blended

  •   Evidenced-based tools for parenting

Building Better Fathers is an eight week course run during a school term. 

The course is being run by Complete Men and Trinity Family Support Network. If you would like to put in your interest for this course, please click here Complete Men and you can fill out an expression of interest. Alternatively, if you would like more info, contact us.